Our Partner – Centerstone of America


Centerstone operates over 130 facilities across Tennessee and Indiana. In Middle Tennessee 70 locations see 50,000 patient visits annually and 50 South Central Indiana locations encounter 25,000 annual visits. They administer programs that address behavioral health issues, depression, addiction, and substance abuse. Services are delivered in multiple venues including outpatient clinic settings, residential facilities, community settings, in homes and schools, and through telehealth services.


Addressing the needs of individuals with behavioral health issues is a primary concern of the medical community, since the life span of these patients is 15 to 25 years shorter. Plus, they have significantly higher rates of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and hyperlipidemia. They can experience medication side effects related to these conditions as well as exhibiting a prevalence of non-treatment which further complicates their well-being.


The Unity Physician Partners philosophy is based on fulfilling both the physical and mental/behavioral healthcare needs for these individuals. Consider these facts:

  • 50% of all mental health care is delivered by primary care physicians.
  • 92% of all elderly patients receive mental healthcare from their primary care physician.
  • 50% of high healthcare utilizers have a mental health or chemical dependency disorder.


As a result, collaboration among primary care physicians and behavioral healthcare providers is a critically underserved gap in the care continuum.


For additional information, please visit http://www.centerstone.org/


UPP’s Mission

To provide a holistic, person-centered system of care in the communities we serve, including the medically underserved population, by integrating primary care and behavioral healthcare that improves overall quality of care through more time with patients, effective care coordination and an intense focus on outcomes.